Welcome Book Spring Summer 2019
The Niceties - August 1-11
Heritage Theatre.
When ambitious young African-American student Zoe sits down with her esteemed white professor to discuss a paper she is writing about the American Revolution, discussions of grammar and Google quickly give way to explosive exchanges about race, history and power. As the passion rises, so do the stakes, as both women become entrenched in their positions, and allow us to see the dangers of the way we talk to each other today, the way we listen and what happens when we don't. Ruth Caplin Theatre.  Email: heritage@virginia.edu. For details, please click this link.  For more info call: 434-924-3376. 

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This season's wonderful getaway will be hosted by the following fine establishments:

Monticello     Fry's Spring StationIvy ProvisionsEarly Mountain Vineyards