Welcome Book Winter 2018
Picasso Lydia and Friends, Vol. 4 - March 16-April 21
Les Yeux du Monde Art Gallery.
This show is organized to honor the memory and scholarship of the well-known Picasso scholar and former acclaimed and beloved professor of Modern art at the University of Virginia, Lydia Csato Gasman. Picasso Prints will feature choice several prints of Picasso's great love and muse, Marie-Therese Walter, who Professor Gasman met and befriended in the early 1970s. It will also feature little known prints Picasso did in 1936 of animals and insects to illustrate Histoire Naturelle, a massive treatise on animals by Georges-Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon (originally published in 44 volumes between 1745 and 1804). Les Yeux du Monde Art Gallery.  1-5pm, Thursdays-Saturdays.  Email: lydmgallery@gmail.com. For details, please click this link.  For more info call: 434-973-5566. 

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This seasons' wonderful getaway will be hosted by the following fine establishments:


       Ragged Branch        Dinsmore Inn    Monticello