Welcome Book Fall Winter 2019
PTSD and ME - April 1, Wednesday
The Nevada Veterans Foundation.
Erika Renee Land's PTSD and ME is a 90-minute one woman show that is irresistibly lined with head-bopping rhythms and palpable poetry. The story is about Land's personal life, military experiences, and her struggles with PTSD. Patrons can expect to leave the raw performance thoroughly entertained, yet with a better understanding of the various symptoms that can lead to the manifestation of PTSD. Belmont Arts Collaborative.  7:30-10:30 pm.  $25-$35.  Contact: Erika Land.  Email: ezariepubs@gmail.com. For details, please click this link.  For more info call: 706-621-2470. 

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This seasons' wonderful getaway will be hosted by the following fine establishments: