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Virtual Tastings & Vineyard Tours

Early Mountain Vineyards
Despite closing their tasting room for the time being, Early Mountain Vineyards has continued to provide tastings of their wine virtually. With curbside pickup and delivery options available, you can still purchase their wine in time for one of their upcoming wine tastings on Facebook Live. On April 18, Early Mountain will be holding a “Ben to the Third” virtual tasting on Facebook Live, hosted by experts on the wines and covering three whites from Early Mountain, Midland Construction and Lightwell Survey. The live stream can be found at 5:00 PM on April 18 at facebook.com/earlymountainvineyards

King Family Vineyards
While you are unable to go into the King Family Vineyards tasting room, the vineyard staff has been hosting virtual tastings over Facebook Live, announced through their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Generally hosted on Fridays, each tasting has its own theme—past themes include vintages and Argentina. All of the wines in each tasting can be ordered ahead of time through the vineyard and delivered right to your doorstep, just in time to enjoy the wine with the experts on Facebook Live at facebook.com/kingfamilyvineyards.

DelFosse Vineyard & Winery
To continue interacting with customers, DelFosse Vineyard & Winery has been hosting weekly Facebook Live Wine Chats, with each week focusing on a different type of wine varietal. The vineyard’s General Manager sits down each week to discuss the chosen varietal, conduct a tasting and answer questions posted in the comments. These chats focus on not only wine tasting but also education about each specific type of wine. Past weeks, which have focused on Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc, along with future chats can be watched at facebook.com/DelFosseWine/.

Horton Vineyards
As the tasting room itself remains closed, Horton Vineyards continues to find new ways to virtually engage and entertain their consumers. Starting Saturday, April 18, Horton Vineyards is partnering with Briede Family Vineyards to host a new Zoom series, "Bubble Babes." The series will cover sparkling wines and champagnes, with each week focusing on a different aspect of sparkling wines, including topics ranging from varietals to food pairings. New episodes are hosted each Saturday at 2:00 PM, and can be accessed from Horton’s events page at hortonwine.com/events.asp

Barboursville Vineyards
Barboursville Vineyards’s Winemaker, Luca Paschina, now hosts “Tuesdays with Luca,” a weekly series covering everything from the vineyard’s soon-to-be-released wines to food pairings and recipes. The series gives insight about wines directly from the winemaker himself, making it not only great entertainment but also a compelling education on some of the vineyard’s most praised wines. “Tuesdays with Luca” airs every Tuesday at 6:00 PM on Barboursville’s Facebook page at facebook.com/BarboursvilleVineyards

Albemarle Ciderworks
To celebrate their April Bottle Bundle, Albemarle Ciderworks is hosting a virtual tasting of each cider included in the bundle hosted by owner Charlotte Shelton. Shelton will taste the Harrison, Jupiter’s Legacy and Royal Pippin ciders included in the bundle, and will also discuss the history of each apple type used along with the history of cidermaking in the United States. Albemarle Ciderworks’ April Bottle Bundle can be purchased online, and the virtual tasting will be held on April 16 at facebook.com/AlbCiderworks/.

Castle Hill Cider 
While closed to the public, Castle Hill has been holding virtual tastings of their cider on Facebook Live. In previous tastings, Cidermaker Don Whitaker has discussed the award-winning Serendipity 2016, and in an upcoming tasting scheduled for April 23 at 5:00 PM, Castle Hill will team up with Stone Tower Winery to discuss ports. Previously aired tastings, along with upcoming events, can be viewed at facebook.com/CastleHillCider/.

Veritas Vineyards & Winery 
To remain connected with their consumers, Veritas’ father-daughter owner and winemaker pair, Andrew Hodson and Emily Pelton, have been hosting virtual tasting events for wine lovers to enjoy and learn about Veritas wines. For each event, the pair chooses three wines to taste, educate consumers on the process to make each wine, discuss the way it ages and share the effort it takes to grow the grapes. Upcoming tastings are announced on the vineyard’s Facebook and Instagram pages, and previous tastings can be viewed at facebook.com/veritasvineyardsandwinery/.

Stone Tower Winery
While closed, Stone Tower has introduced at-home tasting kits. The kits come with small selections of Stone Tower’s wines, ready to be poured into glasses at home. Each week, Stone Tower curates a different selection of wine for at-home tasting, then hosts a virtual tasting on Facebook Live for customers to follow along. The weekly tastings can be viewed at facebook.com/stonetowerwinery, or you can schedule a private virtual tasting through Stone Tower’s website at stonetowerwinery.com/private-virtual-tastings