Welcome Book Spring Summer 2019

The Corner at UVA 

Beloved by University of Virginia students, alums and locals alike, The Corner - that is, the row of shops, restaurants and bars across University Avenue from the UVA grounds - is one of the Charlottesville-area's must-sees. This seven-block-long row of businesses was named for its original size, as literally just a corner, as well as its location at the corner of the UVA grounds, and claims to have continued to be "a student rendezvous since the mid-1800s."

The Corner originally sprang up to meet the needs of University students and staff, and first consisted of a post office, a movie theater, apartments, cafes and drugstores. Today, The Corner still meets student and staff needs, but no longer includes a post office or movie theater; the majority of businesses in the district serve food and drinks. However, the Student Bookstore and UVA Bookstores are located on The Corner, as are several clothing and accessories shops like Finch, a cute clothier.

Most of the appeal of The Corner is that there are several restaurants, cafes and bars for students (and locals and visitors!) to spend their free time patronizing. There are a few national chains present, like Dunkin' Donuts and Qdoba but, most of the popular hangouts are locally owned. One of those is The Virginian, a restaurant that some consider an institution, as it has been continually open on The Corner since 1923 - it's the oldest restaurant in Charlottesville! Another Corner institution is The White Spot, which sells the locally famous "Gusburger," a delicious cheeseburger topped with fried egg. Elliewood Avenue, a small street off of University Avenue, is home to many of these locally owned gems, such as The Backyard, The Pigeon Hole and Coupe DeVille's, all of which also feature live music.

Plan ahead! The Corner is a busy place at lunchtime and in the evenings - especially when the University is in session. There is some free, two-hour parking along University Avenue - but it's limited and may be difficult to obtain. But there's always plenty of parking options at the garage off of Wertland Avenue near 14th Street and the wonderful establishments Lemongrass, Basil, and St. Maartens are; or check out the small lot on Elliewood Avenue. The Corner is a great place to people-watch, eat a delicious meal, meet friends for a drink and get a feel for local University life. See you there!

-- Ryan Babarsky

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