The Corner at UVA 
Beloved by University of Virginia students, alums and locals alike, The Corner - this is, the row of shops, restaurants and bars across University Avenue from the UVA grounds - is one of the Charlottesville area's must-sees. This seven-block-long row of businesses was named for its original size, literally just a corner, as well as its location at the corner of the UVA grounds, and cliaims to have continued to be "a student rendezvous since the mid-1800s." Keep reading!

Fresh Local Foods
The City of Charlottesville lies within the great and beautiful county of Albemarle, whose rich agricultural history and farm community is well loved and supported by our many local restaurants. Area chefs take great pride in using only the freshest local produce and products. It's no wonder that Forbes Magazine recently named Charlottesville the "Locavore" Capital of the World and that Southern Living named Charlottesville one of the Top Ten Tastiest Towns in the South! To get started on your taste journey around Charlottesville, check out our dining and gourmet hot spots.

This season's wonderful getaway will be hosted by the following fine establishments: