Charlottesville Welcome Book Winter 2016

Outdoor Winter Fun in Charlottesville
From the great white blanket of snow on the slopes of Central Virginia's popular ski resorts to the glistening trees of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Charlottesville area in winter beckons you to get outdoors and enjoy its frosty beauty. Click here to find out how. While you're in town, visit one of our local clubs, which offer an abundance of fine and casual dining, sports and fitness, elegant accommodations, and leisure and entertainment opportunities. Enjoy a sumptuous meal accompanied by the best in Charlottesville wine and microbrews; or a mind-body class and an aerobic workout.


Monticello in Winter Glory
From the moment you glimpse the iconic pillars of Monticello’s West Portico, you know you are in the presence of a visionary mind.  Like the Taj Mahal and Tower of London, Monticello is on the list of World Heritage Sites known the world over as cherished pieces of human history and of great universal value. If you’re looking for a seasonal experience, Monticello offers Holiday Evening Tours and popular holiday workshops. Read more here!

This season's wonderful getaway will be hosted by the following fine establishments:

      The Melting Pot        

   American Shakespeare Center            Valley Road Vineyards